Regardless of who you support politically, no one can deny this is an unprecedentedly heated response to an election. MAGAmania exists to search for and speak truth while working communally to bring down the illusions we all have. Every perspective has a view that is tainted by falsehoods we cling to as truth. Our illusions push us apart but accepting the truth we can stand united despite our differences.

I don’t believe bias is avoidable so I won’t be shy about the views of MAGAmania. This platform is pro-Trump. That DOES NOT mean it’s anti everything else. We cannot unite without being honest with one another. MAGAmania is an arena where all voices are heard and all voices are respected. If we hear something we can’t handle throwing a tantrum probably won’t change anything. America is the greatest nation in the world so let’s act like and dignify all people, including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Where do you stand in the midst of the mania?
What are you concerns about Trump and/or Hillary?
Don’t prefer either of them?
What are you solutions for our current state?
Comment or head to the contact page to get involved.

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